SCS is the physical basis of IT infrastructure of a building or a separate premise, which allows to bring local and telephone networks into a single system. The high level of the “price-quality” ratio is achieved due to the long operating times of the system, its versatility and unpretentiousness.

The main advantages of Structured Cable Systems are:

-modularity, the ability to change the configuration and build the periphery without making changes to the basic structure of the existing network;

-minimum number of service and administrative personnel;

– reducing the cost and time of installation of systems, since the laying of the entire cable infrastructure can be done by one, not by several companies.

IT Grade specialists are able to calculate an estimate, terms, and also to make installation of all systems according to world standards, based on your wishes.

service name
Punching of concrete / brick walls, diameter up to 40mm, depth up to 80mm, 1 hole
5-20 USD
Punching of lightweight walls, 1 hole
1-2 USD
Installation of cable channels, plastic boxes, plastic pipes, 1 meter
2-4 USD
Installation of metal perforated or mesh trays, without covers, 1 meter
3-5 USD
Cable laying
Laying computer single cable D up to 6mm, 1 meter
0,3-0,5 USD
Laying computer single cable D 6mm - 8 mm, 1 meter
0,5-1 USD
Laying cable 220v multi core (soft) D up to 10mm, 1 meter
0,5-1 USD
Laying cable 220v multi core (solid) D up to 10mm, 1 meter
1-1,5 USD
Coefficient of cable laying, at an altitude of more than 3 meters
Coefficient of laying in hard-to-reach places (false ceiling, false floor, behind the baseboard.)
Coefficient of work in winter
Dismantling old equipment
30-50% of the cost of installation