The customer set a task – to carry out communication and SCS assembly in a huge office centre of one of the regional centres of Ukraine. The scope of work is several floors of the building, the corporate network gathered in a separate server room, more than three hundred mains sockets at all floors. The cables were laid by construction companies, so our task was to connect / check all sockets and to switch the patch panel cabinet. Our specialists developed the work plan, developed the budget and after agreement with the customer proceeded with the work. Two days later, the customer accepted the result, which he was very pleased with. Each cable was laid and fixed in accordance with the plan, patch panels were switched and checked in work, all sockets were connected and switched to the patch panel cabinet, the network connection was adjusted, all equipment was set up and put in operation.


A customer filed a request with the IT Grade for carrying out switching and assembly of the SCS, server equipment, telephony, organization of work places and installation of video surveillance and access control systems.
Within 24 hours, our specialists made a list of all necessary equipment, carried out measurements, developed a budget and were ready to proceed with the work as soon as the supplier would dispatch all necessary products.
As soon as the customer approved the work plan, on the same day, our specialists assembled the server equipment and installed the networks, as well as the video surveillance systems. The access control systems was passed for servicing to the Sheriff company, since the office required security.
The second day ended with connection of all network sockets and switching SCS in the server room. Our specialists performed all physical works an proceeded with setting up of network and server equipment, at the same time completing the adjusting of the video surveillance systems and telephony.
The third day – assembly, adjusting the work places and final check before delivery of the office to the customer.
By the end of the day, all works were completed and the stage of delivery of all equipment to the customer began whose surprise could not be overlooked. From bare walls to a fully functioning office, with one physical and several remote servers, telephony, video surveillance, access control and alarm systems, 10 work places, a conference room, accounting office and several offices for three days.