About the company

IT Grade is a dynamically developing company which embraced a team of best specialists, IT sphere, is able to provide a wide range of services not only in the IT sphere but in assembly of all associated equipment and peripherals. The IT Grade specialists have a huge experience and they would select the optimum cooperation conditions for you and are ready to consult you on any issues related to office computer eqipment, network equipent and other means of communication. For the IT Grade specialist team, there is nothing more important than a continuous work of all your systems.

We guarantee continuous work of your systems 24/7!


The main purpose of the IT Grade is to provide professional services in the IT sphere throughout the world. We are not limited only to Ukraine, and provide our services to companies from the USA and Europe. For us, terms are not an empty sound. Our specialists can eliminate any troubles in the shortest terms, before they lead to collapse and shut down the enterprise. We recognize that each minute of down time means financial losses and will not allow it by any means!